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Mia Oberländer, Translator: Nika Knight


On sale date: January 30, 2024

This debut graphic novel by an up-and-coming star of the German comics scene is an audacious allegory of female resistance and radical acceptance.

In the sleepy German countryside live the Annas, cursed to be too tall for their small town. Laughably long-limbed and gangly, their bodies refuse to conform with societal norms of delicate femininity, and the trauma of being different ripples across generations. And yet, there may be a blessing to their burden; like the mighty mountains surrounding their town, they find that there is resilience and strength to be gained from their heightened perspective. Drawn with delightful exaggeration and formal inventiveness, Anna is a tongue-in-cheek, modern-day fairy tale about being “too big” for a narrow-minded world.


"An absolutely wonderful, amusing and sometimes deeply sad graphic novel that tells the story of three generations of very tall women. With haunting, sometimes grotesquely exaggerated images, Oberländer creates a true story that combines historical, social and psychological lines." — Birgit Reuther - Hamburger Abendblatt

"Oberländer presents an amusing, multi-faceted and creative perspective on life as a grown-up woman. It shows that the Annas are not too big for the world, but that the world is too small for the Annas." — Joanna Piekarska - Aviva

"This book is a highly entertaining tour de force, running the entire emotional gamut." — Joe Kessler (The Gull Yettin, 2023)


Paperback / Softback
6.3" × 9.5"