The Barely Human cover image, which features a blue background and text reading Johnny Ryan, "Barely Human." In the lower half is a chubby, balding, and naked man wearing shoes. He is smiling with two visible gapped teeth. From his groin area, he is pulling out a brightly colored rainbow curved toward his face.
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Johnny Ryan

Barely Human

On sale date: July 19, 2022

The cartoons that keep getting Johnny Ryan banned from Instagram, collected for the first time as one big ol' exquisitely gross picture book!

Johnny Ryan's compulsion to flout any and all accepted standards of decency in his humor and cartoons have not only garnered him a tremendous following — Instagram has banned him multiple times with hundreds of posts scrubbed from those accounts. (He can be found, currently, at @johnnyryanjohnnyryan1). Guess what? We've got 'em! Over 500 of the grossest, crudest, most surrealistic, scatological, and of course hilarious cartoons you'll ever see, presented with loving care in this gorgeous, oversized collection with fine art paper. They may not meet with your approval, but you will laugh. Crafted throughout the pandemic and posted daily, these cartoons helped keep both the author and hundreds of thousands of others sane during the past two years. From conventional gag cartoons to pieces decidedly unconventional and almost Dadaist in their humor, these are some of the most visually imaginative — and comedically brilliant — single-panel cartoons ever conceived, whether in the service of boner jokes or sheer visual absurdism.

Orders of Barely Human include a unique bookplate signed by Johnny Ryan while supplies last!


"Triple-A gutter art that belongs in a museum that mocks other museums." — Paste

"If Mad Magazine is your cup of tea, if you'll admit that you collected Wacky Packages or Garbage Pail Kids stickers, AND especially if you refuse to take life too seriously, creator Johnny Ryan has just the book to tickle your funny bone." — Broken Frontier


Paperback / Softback
9" × 11.8"