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On sale date: October 16, 2018

A mother and son "Bonnie & Clyde" star in this internationally acclaimed graphic novel thriller!

After taking part in a historic heist — 52 simultaneous robberies at the same time, in the same city — May and Eugene, a young mother and her preteen son, are on the run not only from the law and double-crossed former accomplices, but also their violent past. They crisscross the United States, encountering mysterious truckers, ambitious bandits, and senior citizens living off the grid — while flashbacks show the reader how they got into this deadly situation. De Radigues focuses on their familial relationship as much as the noir, and his clear-lined style adds depth to the brutality as well as the love.


"Rich in storytelling despite its deceptive simplicity of style, the surprising plot twists and character development make this a must-read." — Publishers Weekly

"Bastard is the kind of book that will appeal to fans of Charles Forsman's The End Of The Fucking World—both the comic and the TV show—blending dark, violent storytelling with sincere emotional content that makes readers root for these characters." — The A.V. Club

"In a Radiguès work, an economy of line carries an abundance of empathy. His stories center on adolescents with a warmth, humor, and humane sensibility that occasionally sets the reader up for an unexpected jolt when harsher aspects of reality creep in." — The Paris Review

"Max de Radiguès is an example of the ultimate cartoonist. Storytelling distilled with purpose and care. No line is wasted and his characters feel tangible and loved." — Charles Forsman


Paperback / Softback
Black and white
6" × 7.6"