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Nina Bunjevac


On sale date: May 28, 2019

A stunning psychological exploration into the delusional mind of a sexual predator.
Told through a noirish lens, Bezimena is the story of a man who develops a disturbing obsession with a former classmate, steadily losing his grasp on reality. A masterful cartoonist, Bunjevac takes a deep dive into the man's warped psyche, conjuring an eerie, unreal world filled with mesmerizing fever dreams and shocking acts of sexual violence. Bezimena is a stunning graphic novel by an assured voice in comics.

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"Bunjevac's work is stunning to look at, with elegant full-page illustrations, painstakingly crosshatched and stippled to resemble woodcuts or antique photographs." — Publishers Weekly

"A disturbing yet elegant yarn, told in simple, exquisite full-page drawings made complex through elaborate stippling." — Booklist

"The black and white Bezimena is colored by trauma and yearning. ... This uncanny book provides a grim map to the ever-shadowy process of recovery." — NPR Books

"As elegant as it is shocking." — Vanity Fair Italy

"Bunjevac deftly crafts a gripping noirish, Nabokovian tale, by turns sensual, surreal, and harrowing, that turns the male gaze inside-out." — Midwest Book Review


Black and white.
8.7" × 10.8"