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On sale date: March 27, 2018

This reprint of the all-star war-comics anthology is an expanded edition, with a cover gallery featuring all of Frazetta's painted covers and exclusive interviews with Goodwin and publisher James Warren.

These controversial-at-the-time war stories were produced by some of the top comics talents of the 20th century—written by Goodwin and drawn by John Severin, Alex Toth, Russ Heath, Reed Crandall, and many more.


"Blazing Combat collects some of the most beautiful black and white comic art you have ever seen... It also features interviews and some of the most beautiful printing I have seen. From cover to cover, this book is what keeps me in comics." — Newsarama

"Blazing Combat constitutes a high-water mark of the war-comics genre." — Booklist

"Although the subject matter is bleak, the presentation it's been given is beautiful. This is as good as war comics get." — Bookgasm

"The Blazing Combat cartoonists made powerful contributions to the literature of war. ... Both civilians and veterans may welcome this anthology of comic book stories." — Spectrum Culture

"Blazing Combat reprints all 4 issues of the ground-breaking war series. These are fascinating stories, drawn by some of the top talent in comics, who did some of their finest works for this short-lived publication. The design work is A+." — Innocent Bystander


Black and white with some color
8.3" × 10.3"