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Bomb Run And Other Stories
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John Severin, Harvey Kurtzman, Will Elder

Bomb Run And Other Stories

On sale date: July 5, 2014

A collection of classic EC war comics by Harvey Kurtzman, John Severin and Will Elder.

The team of Harvey Kurtzman and John Severin was one of the most fruitful collaborations in the history of comics. The work they did together brings the gritty realism and psychological truth of Stephen Crane and a verisimilitude to the page that it seems as if they are reporting from the scene. Together with inker and friend Will Elder, whose own obsession for detail perfectly complemented the impact they were all striving to achieve, they produced 34 emotionally draining — and dramatically eloquent — war stories in just under three years. This book collects them all. Settings include: the Roman empire; the Revolutionary War; the American-Indian Wars; the Alamo; the Civil War; World War I (in the trenches and in the air); World War II (in the Pacific and in Europe, including the D-Day invasion); and the Korean War.

Bomb Run And Other Stories is part of the The EC Artists' Library series.


"These are not romanticized, boyish ideals of war, but stories that unflinchingly look at the human costs of conflict. Nearly every story is drawn taut (both literally and figuratively), with lots of intense psychological and ironic twists and surprise endings." — Gareth Branwyn - Boing Boing

"Severin's gutsy and gritty pencils... always depicted real soldiers who looked as if they were just one more explosion or gunshot away from permanent PTSD. There are no idealized heroes in Bomb Run, not even Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant…. If only history texts back in high school and college had been one-quarter as gripping as [this] EC collection…" — Dana Jennings - The New York Times

"With crisp inks on heavy stock paper, Bomb Run is a pleasure to hold and leaf through. ...[T]his is a great collection of tales, and like the rest of the series, is strongly recommended." — David Maine - Spectrum Culture


Black & white
7.4" × 10.3"