The cover to The Book of Mr. Natural by R. Crumb, featuring the title and subtitle of Profane Tales of That Old Mystic Madcap over an illustration of Mr. Natural, a wizard-like figure, summoning a naked, long-haired woman from a cauldron.
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R. Crumb

The Book of Mr. Natural: Profane Tales of that Old Mystic Madcap

On sale date: January 17, 1995

Robert Crumb's The Book of Mr. Natural is probably the most famous underground comix character of all time, recognizable even to "civilians." Don't miss this opportunity to snatch up this jam-packed collection of comics from one of the all-time masters!


"Seminal underground comics artist Crumb has lately gained wider recognition, thanks to an acclaimed documentary about him. Libraries wanting some representative Crumb in the wake of the movie may be better served by this single volume featuring one of his most famous creations than by the multivolume reprinting of all of his work that Fantagraphics has about half-completed. The bearded, robed, curmudgeonly 1967 debut. An ever-serene-but-horny philosopher-for-hire, dispensing enlightenment to an undeserving world--is he a wise, grizzled mystic or a cynical charlatan? A teller of timeless truths or a sixties anachronism? Wherever he appears, so do his most loyal acolyte, Flakey Foont, and his obsession, the lusty Devil Girl. The collection constitutes a sheer delight for those who have followed the completely accessible to nonaficionados--at least those undaunted by the raunchiness that is"

"Calling him a "mystic madcap" gives the crass, less-than-compassionate charlatan the benefit of the doubt. He is not particularly wise or old geezer who gives advice such as "When you arise in the morning, you should do last a simple melody (of your own choice) . . . then you should call somebody up (not me) . . . then go to the store . . . buy some asparagus." True reputation, the stories are sometimes sexually graphic (especially in the scenes with Devil Girl) and a bit on the violent side. Still, freewheeling decade."


Paperback / Softback
Black and white
8.1" × 10.6"