The cover to Boris the Potato Child, featuring the title in a thin blocky font in yellow against a light teal background. Below the title, enclosed in a circle, is a man walking what appears to be a dog toy with wheels instead of legs. He wear a green vest, red tie, and orange pants. His head is large and lumpy and shaped like a potato. Below the illustration is the author's name, Anne Simon, enclosed in its own rectangle.
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Anne Simon, Translator: Jenna Allen

Boris the Potato Child

On sale date: August 16, 2022

In her latest graphic novel, French artist and illustrator Anne Simon returns to her visually and allegorically rich fantasyland.

Boris, the round-headed child, reigns like a despot in the little house he lives in with his mother. His mother, Bulle, formerly known as Aglaia, was once the all-powerful queen of the country Marylene. Since Marylene's fall, residents have lived in peace thanks to a self-governing system they have adopted. But when Boris meets Sabine, a warrior French fry thirsty for revenge, nothing will ever be the same ...The third book in Anne Simon's "Tales of Marylene '' graphic novel series (after The Song of Aglaia and Empress Cixtisis), Boris the Potato Child delivers a bitter critique of our consumerist impulses and abuses. Mixing literature and pop culture (such as mashing Simone de Beauvoir with the Beatles), Simon has created in Marylene a world as abundant in visual imagination as Oz or Narnia, but crafted with a Swiftian pen that's mightier than any man's sword.


7" × 9"