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Peter Bagge

Buddy Buys A Dump

On sale date: May 17, 2014

This graphic novel follows aging, onetime slacker Buddy Bradley (from the seminal alternative comics series Hate); it has an all-new, 20-page conclusion.

In this graphic novel, he's back! Now in his 30s and married, with a child, onetime slacker hero Buddy Bradley shaves his head, dons an eye-patch, quits his "real" job and buys the local dump — because what better place to raise a toddler? Peter Bagge's iconic character is to alternative comics what Homer Simpson has been to television animation over the past quarter-century: a generation-defining slacker and the greatest comedic character of its form and era. Featuring stories originally published in the comic book series Hate Annual from 2000-2011, as well as an all-new 20-page conclusion to the story arc, this book marks the first new book of Buddy stories since the now-perennial classics Buddy Does Seattle (2005) and Buddy Does Jersey (2007).

Buddy Buys A Dump is part of the HATE series.
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"As Peter Bagge has progressed from raging against the machine in his youth to mild fussing in his middle age, his comics have become no less entertaining." — Hillary Brown - Paste

"As a writer, Bagge rivals the showrunners of prestige cable dramas in his capacity for sharp, character-revealing gestures. ... Although it should be unsurprising by now, it's worth mentioning that Bagge handily elicits authentic pathos in his typically loose-limbed, bug-eyed style. His deceptively slapsticky approach, equally indebted to Harvey Kurtzman and Looney Tunes, draws the comedy out of some dark and all too relatable moments..." — Luke Geddes - The Comics Journal

"...[Buddy Buys a Dump] captures a stage of life—the onset of adulthood—as well as or better than the original comics captured being young and dysfunctional in the days of grunge. It's an honest progression that remains funny, sharp, ridiculous, and expertly cartooned." — Jeremy Nisen - Under the Radar

"...I am not, nor will I ever be like Buddy Bradley. I certainly know the type, however, and therein lies the appeal of Buddy as a main character. The revolving cast of nut jobs that Buddy attracts to himself, and is attracted by, doesn't hurt the appeal or comic potential either, nor does the sharp wit, great dialogue and Bagge's unique style of rubbery, quavering limbs, popping eyes and massive pie holes shouting and swearing off the pages." — Chris Auman - Sound on Sight

"Bagge's humor is right out of a John Waters movie -- loud, outrageous, sometimes transgressive." — Wally Bubelis - Unshelved


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