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Manuele Fior, Translator: Jamie Richards


On sale date: July 20, 2021

This highly anticipated new graphic novel from Manuele Fior (The Interview and 5,000 KM Per Second) showcases his singular talents as a once-in-a-generation visual artist and a deeply empathetic writer who uses science fiction to look to the future of humanity.
The "Great Invasion" originated from the sea. It moved north across the mainland. Many fled, while some took refuge on a small concrete island called Celestia, built over a thousand years ago. Now cut off from the mainland, Celestia has become an outpost for criminals and other misfits, as well as a refuge for a group of young telepaths. Events push two of them, Dora and Pierrot, to flee the island and set sail to the mainland. There, they discover a world on the precipice of a metamorphosis, though also a world where adults are literally prisoners of their own fortresses, unintentionally preserving the "old world" at a time when a new generation could guide society towards a better humanity. Celestia is the most ambitious and successful graphic novel to date by one of the world's most exciting storytellers.


"Sci-fi visionary Fior returns with a visually stunning postapocalyptic adventure. Fior proves he remains one of the finest painters in comics." — Publishers Weekly

"Celestia is a revelation and one of the best books I've read this year. Manuele Fior's expressive and beautifully human artwork brings the ancient city of Celestia and its many fascinating residents to life in ways that will stay with you long after you've finished the book." — Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth)

"A haunting story of a cabal of telepaths, prophetic poets, and beautifully empty cities. Where shared dreams can both connect and isolate. Boldly painted and utterly moving. Every panel is a work of art." — Matt Kindt (MIND MGMT, Grass Kings)

"Remarkably beautiful... I enjoyed each new spread's lovely artwork while watching the characters struggle through their devastated world." — NPR

"An imaginative and skillfully told story about characters and a world reeling from trauma but poised for a new beginning. Fior's talent for conveying emotion evokes both heartache and awe." — Library Journal


8.4" × 10.9"