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On sale date: March 17, 2020

This uproarious graphic novel is a surreal take on the classic Western — and a rip-roaring adventure in gender identity and queerness!

A rugged outlaw rides into a typical nineteenth-century Western town, swinging his six-guns and stirring up trouble. Meanwhile, an idle young woman gets the notion to outfit herself as a cowboy and makes her getaway. Danish cartoonist Villadsen's off-kilter vision of the Old West features exploding prostitutes, menstruating cowgirls, mysterious gender-bending, and much more. Giddyap!


"Take the stereotypical Western, and flip it on its head: instead, we find gender fluidity and powerful women, thanks to Rikke Villadsen, an artist and cartoonist from Denmark. A fun, adventurous read." — Bitch Media

"An aggressively peculiar take on an already aggressively peculiar genre. I'm already looking forward to whatever new Villadsen book they publish next." — PopMatters

"In this feverish stew of pulp tropes and postmodern games ... Villadsen takes readers on one bizarre ride." — Publishers Weekly

"Breaking barriers and forcing one to look at the familiar in strange ways has always been the hallmark of great art. Rikke Villadsen deserves accolades for this one." — Broken Frontier

"Danish cartoonist Rikke Villadsen's latest is a visceral, sexual and fantastical spin on the Western genre, disassembling norms and flipping gender roles." — Cool Yeah Alright


6.9" × 8.3"