The cover to Daisy Goes to the moon, featuring the title and text reading, "From the novel b Mathew Klickstein. Adapted and illustrated by Rick Geary." The cover also features an illustration of a young girl in a pink dress, ribbon, and pink shoes swirling around the moon, while smiles at her, on a small rocket. In her hand she holds a notebook and pencil.
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Rick Geary, Mathew Klickstein

Daisy Goes to the Moon

On sale date: January 14, 2025

The adult Daisy Ashford, a real-life Victorian author (1881–1972), found a book she wrote at 9 years old and published it to great success in 1919. Rick Geary’s delightfully pixelated graphic novel adapts a novella by Mathew Klickstein inspired by and in the style of Ashford’s juvenilia, in which little Daisy herself goes to outer space, visits the cosmic automat, watches TV with a time traveler, encounters many-eyed monsters, and more!

Rick Geary turns his pen from vintage true crime to whimsy in his graphic novel adaptation of Daisy Goes to the Moon, a Mathew Klickstein novella inspired by and in the style of real-life Victorian author Daisy Ashford’s successfully published juvenilia, written with the help of her parents: Young Visiters.

The Geary version, starring little Daisy herself, pastiches everything in his unique visual stylization from Alice in Wonderland to Peter Pan to The Wizard of Oz to late-19th-century/early-20th-century comics: Daisy is lured to adventure not by a white rabbit, but a “rokitship.” Daisy decides to go to the moon with the man who emerges, Mr. Z, and they encounter many-eyed monsters, time travelers with TVs, her duplicate, a “troobador,” her sister, and more delights and vexations.

Geary places his expressive, clean-line black-and-white figures, each with distinct body language, in ornate frames to denote settings and narrative layers — there’s verbal and physical comedy as characters (sometimes literally) bounce off each other. Geary has been an all-ages fan-favorite for decades, with the rare artistic gift of being able to depict ornate period detail without sacrificing storytelling clarity or fun.


8" × 10"