The cover to Daughters of Snow and Cinders by Nuria Tamarit, featuring the title and author's name in white and yellow. In the background is an illustration of a young girl under the stars, wearing a thick coat, followed by a dog, and looking into the woods. Below her, perhaps reflected in a lake, is a huge wolf with red eyes, surrounded by upside-down trees. Its mouth is open and pointed toward the girl as if it wants to eat her.
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Núria Tamarit, Translator: Jenna Allen

Daughters of Snow and Cinders

On sale date: May 9, 2023

Princess Mononoke meets Jack London in this gritty, ecofeminist adventure.

Fleeing the fires of her war-torn homeland, a young woman travels to the New World in search of gold to rebuild her life. In this strange, lawless land, Joana encounters friends (the kind Native women Tala and Opa), foes (the cruel gold hunter Matwei and his men), and an unexpected traveling companion who may just be her good luck charm — and amidst the icy reaches of the wilderness, a fearsome fantastical beast lurks in the shadows.

The English debut of Spanish cartoonist and illustrator Núria Tamarit, Daughters of Snow and Cinders conjures the awesome natural beauty of the frozen north through vibrant colored pencils. A rugged adventure story with two strong young women at its heart, this graphic novel offers a poignant message about the urgent need for humanity to overcome our greed and base impulses to be good stewards of the world in which we live and depend on.


"Award-winning Spanish cartoonist and illustrator Tamarit makes her English-language debut with this fantasy adventure, in which she creates a haunting landscape of rich textures that weave a dark fable set in the time of the American gold rush." — Library Journal

"A gorgeously illustrated ecofeminist epic that explores philosophical themes of greed, betrayal, companionship, and the fight for survival." — AIPT Comics

"Tamarit proves to be a master of color theory, splashing her vibrant tapestry with hues that enhance the mood of each scene." — Cinema Sentries

"Vivid in glossy hardback, my first thought when looking at the cover of Daughters of Snow and Cinders was awe. The cover is an absolute work of art." — Broken Frontier

"Beautiful and haunting." — The Graphic Library


8.9" × 11.8"