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Dave Cooper

Dave Cooper's Overbite: Paintings & Drawings of Mostly Pillowy Girls

On sale date: September 17, 2003

Subtitled "Drawings and Paintings of Mostly Pillowy Girls," Overbite is a hardcover art book featuring forty of Cooper's gorgeous oil paintings, each focusing on the female form. Cooper's vibrant use of color in the lavish, textured rendering he uses to depict his favored body type—"pillowy" is a particularly apt descriptive—calls to mind a more colorful and surreal version of R. Crumb's obsessive and sumptuous portraits of women.

This book also doubles as the sixth "issue" of Cooper's ongoing comic book series, Weasel, though as a stand-alone hardcover art book it bears little relation to the first five issues; it functions much better as a catalog for upcoming and recent exhibitions of Cooper's in Philadelphia, Ottawa, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

The book features an introduction by David Cross, of HBO's Mr. Show fame.


Full color.
10.3" × 10.3"