The cover to Deadly Beloved and Other Stories, with an introduction by Max Allen Collins and illustrated by Johnny Craig. The text appears in cream in a font reminiscent of old-school horror films. Behind the text, framed by a lime green border, are two illustrations—on top, a man falls down a flight of stairs, and below, two zombielike people reach toward the view. The cover is done in shades of green and red.
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Johnny Craig, Al Feldstein, Max Allan Collins

Deadly Beloved And Other Stories

On sale date: November 22, 2022

Johnny Craig's crisp, elegant, contemporary graphic style set a mood and a surprisingly sophisticated approach to these thirty-one EC crime and horror comics stories, which include his top murder mystery and his best terror tale. Introduction by Grand Master crime novelist Max Allan Collins.

This volume of Craig's crime and horror work collects comics stories he wrote and drew for Vault of Horror, Shock SuspenStories, and Crime SuspenStories, as well as the complete collection of all his "Dateline" stories from Extra!. In our title story, a reporter stranded in a Louisiana bayou seeks shelter in a seemingly abandoned mansion, only to discover and fall in love with a beautiful woman living there. He wants to be with her, and she wants to be with him; there's only one way that can happen. Also: Craig's murder masterpiece, "Understudies," in which two lovers conspire to remove their respective spouses, in a twisted twist recalling The Postman Always Rings Twice and Double Indemnity; and his signature horror story "…All Through the House" (twice adapted to film — for 1972's Tales From the Crypt movie and HBO's 1989 Tales From the Crypt pilot episode). Plus, the debut of EC's enigmatic horror hostess, Drusilla, and a look at the work of EC artists Harry Harrison, Howard Larsen, Sheldon Moldoff (Moon Girl) as well. Thirty-one stories in all, with essays and commentary by EC experts. Introduction by Grand Master crime novelist Max Allan Collins.

Deadly Beloved And Other Stories is part of the The EC Artists' Library series.


"The true under-rated genius of the EC artists." — Ed Brubaker (Criminal, Fatale, Incognito, Gotham Central, Scene of the Crime)

"Johnny Craig is the Norman Rockwell of crime comics, and — like James M. Cain — he shows you the nightmare side of the American dream." — Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition, Dick Tracy)


Black and white.
7.3" × 10.3"