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S. Clay Wilson

Demons And Angels: The Mythology Of S. Clay Wilson, Volume 2

On sale date: August 8, 2015

Artist S. Clay Wilson adapts to the post-underground art world in this second volume of a three-part complete comics collection / retrospective.

As the Age of Aquarius morphed into Discomania and Reaganomics, pioneering underground cartoonist S. Clay Wilson discovered a new generation of punks and misfits in America and abroad who appreciated his point of view. He found new outlets for his artwork in outré galleries and fringe publications, and continued to contribute to the surviving remnants of the underground, including the never-say-die classic anthology, Zap Comix. He made two tours of Europe, collaborated with William Burroughs and Ken Kesey, appeared on MTV, and had several highly acclaimed exhibitions in Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York. The Checkered Demon became ascendant among his creations — the prolific headliner of a series of comic titles that followed his adventures around the earth and across the galaxies. This is the second of a three-volume series reprinting his best comics and chronicling his life in a series of prose chapters. Demons and Angels features his two solo comics, 2 and 22, strips from Cocaine Comix, Knockabout, Weird Smut, and all his stories from Zap Comix #6–11. Strips in obscure mags like Jump Start, Mondo Montana, Deadbeat, Too Fun Too Huge, Boiled Owl, Maggot-Zine, and Weird Smut are also included, as well as many never published privately commissioned watercolors and paintings produced for his discriminating art collectors.

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"My respect for Wilson and for his biographer, Patrick Rosenkranz, is immense. Wilson was a great and important artist. A master of what he did. Rosenkranz, aside from Bob Levin, is literally our only serious chronicler of underground comics." — Dan Nadel - The Comics Journal

"Patrick Rosenkranz has been the star writer about comics over the last half-decade... His best subject is S. Clay Wilson, who with the shift in attitudes about what makes good or responsible art has suddenly become the most interesting of [his] generation of artists. I'm so grateful these books exist." — Tom Spurgeon - The Comics Reporter

"Wilson's fascinatingly detailed and unflinchingly dark art demands attention to even the smallest of his intricate frames. ... With Wilson's art, one can't help but feel the pages to be a personal litmus test: am I amused? Stunned? Titillated? Revolted? Perhaps some readers would hesitate to reveal their reactions, though it's a solid bet that they'll turn to see what's on the next page." — Hays Davis - Under the Radar


Full-color and black and white
8.1" × 11.4"