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Carl Barks, Don Rosa, Floyd Gottfredson, Romano Scarpa

Disney Comics: Around the World in One Hundred Years: Deluxe Edition

On sale date: October 8, 2024

A worldwide Disney comics retrospective featuring a collection of classic adventure stories from Carl Barks, Don Rosa, Floyd Gottfredson, and more—all in a slipcased deluxe hardcover edition!

What creative whirlwind brings Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Lilo and Stitch, and the Evil Queen together? Disney comics have existed since the dawn of the studio. Now grown-up fans can explore the history of Mickey, Donald, Uncle Scrooge, and their supporting cast with a chronological collection—featuring the most beloved Disney funny-page talents from around the world!

See Mickey outwitting counterfeiters in Floyd Gottfredson’s 1934 “The Crazy Crime Wave''... and Uncle Scrooge founding his own nation in Don Rosa’s 1989 “His Majesty, McDuck!” Plus more… hundreds of pages more, including stories of Donald’s duckling-hood, Basil the Great Mouse Detective, and the Big Bad Wolf added just for this deluxe edition, all packaged in a splendid slipcase!

Disney Comics: Around the World in One Hundred Years: Deluxe Edition is part of the The Floyd Gottfredson Library series.


"There have been quite a few books… published to celebrate the momentous 100th celebration of The Walt Disney Company, but this may be the best one. Each included story has been expertly curated for this collection." — DuckTalks

"A spectacular keepsake of the finest Disney character comics stories—and/or the textbook of sequential-panel storytelling perfection for the Disney comics novice… curated with loving care, providing a smart overview touching on all the names (artists, writers and characters) and places you need to know… a must-have and highly recommended." — Jerry Beck - Cartoon Research


10" × 13.6"