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Andrea Castellan, Al Hubbard, Dick Kinney, Stefano Zanchi, David Gerstein

Disney Masters Collector's Box Set #10: Vols. 19 & 20

On sale date: October 24, 2023

Two wild volumes of international Disney comics epics! Mickey faces monster robots and a dimension of danger… while Cousin Fethry leads Donald on a trail of trouble from hill country to the briny deep!

Dash into Disney adventures with Disney Masters Vol. 19: Mickey Mouse: Trapped in the Shadow Dimension by Andrea “Casty” Castellan and Vol. 20: Donald Duck: 20,000 Leaks Under the Sea by Dick Kinney and Al Hubbard!

First: the villainous Peg Leg Pete turns up where Mickey expects him least: “Trapped in the Shadow Dimension,” a surreal realm in which fiction becomes fact! Then Scrooge McDuck squares off with “The Terrible, Terrible Triple-Dimensional Beagle Boy”… while in “The World to Come,” Mickey and Minnie head to far-off Illusitania for a robot war with that dastardly, poetic superspy, The Rhyming Man! Next: in “20,000 Leaks Under the Sea,” Donald’s cuckoo-bananas cousin Fethry has a submarine! He’s roping desperate Don into a two-week treasure hunt on the ocean floor… and a bear-taming trip to Duckburg’s deepest woods—and a mission to cure hiccups with scary rural remedies! This complete collection of Donald and Fethry tales also includes trouble for Uncle Scrooge’s fortune in “It’s Only Money”… and Donald’s love life in “A Midsummer’s Nightmare!”

Fantagraphics’ Disney Masters series unearths a treasure trove of previously unavailable comics epics in the grand Walt Disney tradition: expanding the lore of Mickey, Donald, and Scrooge, anthologizing the work of fan-favorite North American talents, and bringing you the best of the acclaimed international artists who have popularized Disney around the world.

Disney Masters Collector's Box Set #10: Vols. 19 & 20 is part of the Disney Masters series.


Full color.
8" × 10.9"