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Paul Murry, Del Connell, Bob Ogle, Luciano Bottaro

Disney Masters Collector's Box Set #8: Vols. 15 & 16

On sale date: November 15, 2022

A deluxe two-volume slipcased set of international Disney comics classics! Donald and Uncle Scrooge face a space-alien invasion—and we’re celebrating Mickey Mouse’s inky archenemy, the Phantom Blot, by collecting his full 1960s miniseries!

This season's Disney Masters slipcased gift box set collects Volume 15 and Volume 16 in our popular series: In Vol. 15, Mickey Mouse: New Adventures of the Phantom Blot, Duckburg and Mouseton are rocked by a Phantom Blot crime spree — and Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Uncle Scrooge must assemble to stop him! It’s the first-ever complete anthology of the Blot’s 1960s miniseries, and this supervillain will stop at nothing to wreak havoc, from usurping “The Crown of Tasbah” to traveling through time! In Vol. 16: Donald Duck: Jumping' Jupiter, Donald and Scrooge are in for sci-fi scares when raging King Rebo of Saturn attacks Duckburg—and Rebo’s enemies from Jupiter try to save the day! But what happens when the Jovians also want to eat Uncle Scrooge’s money… or when the battle ropes in Dr. Zantaf, Scrooge’s mad scientist foe from Earth?

Fantagraphics’ Disney Masters series unearths a treasure trove of previously unavailable comics epics in the grand Walt Disney tradition: expanding the lore of Mickey, Donald, and Scrooge, anthologizing the work of fan-favorite North American talents, and bringing you the best of the acclaimed international artists who have popularized Disney around the world.

Disney Masters Collector's Box Set #8: Vols. 15 & 16 is part of the The Complete Peanuts Softcover series.


8" × 10.9"