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Noah Van Sciver


On sale date: June 7, 2016

Collects a dozen comic short stories by the acclaimed cartoonist behind Fante Bukowski and The Hypo.

Noah Van Sciver is a keen observer of the human condition, exploring the decisions people make that make, break, and define them. Disquiet showcases the best of his short comics work, including: "The Death Of Elijah Lovejoy," the story of the midwestern abolitionist in the 1830s;"The Lizard Who Laughed," a painfully dysfunctional reunion; and "Punks V. Lizards," an anarchic and darkly comic piece of absurdity that blends Quadrophenia with Jurassic Park.

Our web store won't be receiving any more stock of Disquiet, but you may be able to find it from a site like Indiebound or Bookshop, or at your local independent bookstore.


"Wonderfully well planned and brilliantly visualized. Not to be missed." — Ray Olson - Booklist

"There is much to marvel at in the author's moody imaginings and sharply rendered visual style." — Broken Frontier

"I have fallen in love with the work of cartoonist Noah Van Sciver. His work not only is wonderfully written, but his artwork works so well with the writing, that it is unbelievable." — Forces of Geek

"The Archduke of downbeat returns with a collection of 14 shorts that range from the darkly comedic to just plain dark. This selection of early and more current material showcases both Noah's prodigious writing talent and evolving artistic capabilities." — Page 45

"Recalls the sensation of lying in bed while someone spins you a story, true or not. They may be disquieting, but they're weirdly comforting, too." — Paste


7.4" × 10.3"