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Giorgio Cavazzano, Byron Erickson

Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge: World of the Dragonlords

On sale date: November 16, 2021

"Help us, Huey, Louie, and Dewey! You're Morgworld's only hope!" A feature-length fantasy epic pits Donald, Scrooge, and the gang against a deadly troll kingdom!

Donald, Uncle Scrooge, and their nephews are locked in a Duckburg family feud when an interdimensional doorway appears… and takes them to Morgworld, a medieval realm where trolls rule, humans are serfs, and dragons beasts of burden! Can our squabbling Ducks bring justice to this land of swords and sorcery?

Giorgio Cavazzano (Donald Duck: The Forgetful Hero), among Italy's most celebrated comics artists, brings his outrageous energy, emotive characters, and wild "techno" style to a feature-length 21st-century Disney fantasy tale, filled with fire-breathing frenzy by beloved writer/editor Byron Erickson ("A Mickey Mystery")!

Fly on dragonback to the fortress city of Toom! Meet way-out wizard Hintermann, bold warrior Brendon, boy prisoner Jute, and three blazing dragons… Smoky, Sniffles, and Spitfire! It's up to Donald, Scrooge, and the boys to rescue these ragtag rebels — don your armor and get ready!

Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge: World of the Dragonlords is part of the Disney Originals series.


"A Disney adventure, but rather different one then we're used to seeing the ducks star in. Sweeping in size and scope, boldly and fully committed to its genre-jumping, and an at times moving portrait of a family fighting to be together when they're threatened, it's as great a comic book fantasy as a reader could hope for." — School Library Journal


Full color
7.4" × 10.3"