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Tony Millionaire

Drinky Crow's Maakies Treasury

On sale date: April 20, 2009

2010 Eisner Award nominee; 2006 Harvey Award Winner; 2007 Harvey Award Nominee for Best Syndicated Strip or Panel: a sumptuously designed hardcover collecting the second five years of the world's most riotous comic strip, featuring the high-seas hi-jinx of the booze-soaked corvid and simian stars of TV's The Drinky Crow Show.

Tony Millionaire's Maakies is one of the best and most popular weekly comic strips in America, running in over a dozen of the largest U.S. weekly newspapers including the Village Voice, L.A. Weekly and Seattle's The Stranger. The strip has also been adapted into the hit animated series The Drinky Crow Show on the Cartoon Network's popular Adult Swim. Designed by publishing's foremost graphic designer, Chip Kidd, Drinky Crow's Maakies Treasury collects the second five years of the strip (previously reprinted in the volumes When We Were Very Maakies, The House at Maakies Corner and Der Struwwelmaakies) in a beautiful, deluxe, landscape hardcover format that complements the strip's elegant and classical style.

Maakies features the comical high-seas adventures of a booze-soaked corvid (Drinky Crow) and his equally-soused simian pal (Uncle Gabby), blending vaudeville-style humor and a breathtaking line that hearkens back to the glory days of the American comic strip. The twosome also sometimes makes room for their stuffed-toy alter egos, a clockwork alligator, various other land-, air-, and sea-borne fauna, the Author and his Editor, the heavens, architecture, and occasional guest strips (by Kaz, Renee French, Eric Reynolds and others) and fumetti.

Maakies suggests a contemporary collaboration between E.C. Segar, creator of Popeye, and seafaring novelist Patrick O'Brian (Master and Commander). Millionaire has won multiple Harvey and Eisner Awards and is also the creator of the popular Sock Monkey and Billy Hazelnuts books.

Drinky Crow's Maakies Treasury is nominated for a 2010 Will Eisner Comic Industry Award (Best Humor Publication).

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"Generally more depraved than most, excellently illustrated, and just plain f---ed up…This book is probably slightly too sophisticated and intricate to be enjoyed in a drunken stupor, but seeing Crow blow his own brains out and Gabby being decapitated by a doppelganger will surely help take the edge off any hangover." — Ricky Vigil - Salt Lake Underground

"In his surrealist impulse and draftsman's brio, Millionaire is the closest thing we have to George Herriman of Krazy Kat." — The New York Times Book Review

"My eyes get lost in the beauty of Tony Millionaire's drawings, his humor cuts me apart. It's a cool feeling, funny beauty, it's my favorite feeling. Tony Millionaire is funny and pretty. MAAKIES is booze for the soul." — Pendleton Ward

"[T]his Treasury really does represent an overflowing bounty of absolutely primo Millionaire and stands as an invaluable, one–stop companion to Pre-Millennial Maakies for devotees. Newcomers, however, should understand that their sense of humor will be expanded, pulled… actually, think of a medieval rack where subjects were strapped in and stretched to shocking, heretofore inconceivable lengths." — Rich Kreiner - The Comics Journal


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