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On sale date: April 4, 2017

In this wry graphic novel, dreams take bodily form on an island; when they stop coming, Eartha travels to the City Across the Sea, where the dreamers are from, to find out why.

Malkasian's stunning landscapes and depictions of nature, gestural character nuance, and sophisticated storytelling are on display in her latest graphic novel. For a thousand years, the unfinished dreams—sex fantasies, murder plots, wishful thinking—from the City Across the Sea came to Echo Fjord to find sanctuary. Emerging from the soil, they took bodily form and wandered the land, gently guided by the fjord folk. But recently they've stopped coming, and Eartha wants solve the mystery. Without thought or hesitation—the city isn't on any map, or in anyone's memory—she ventures into the limitless waters, hoping to find the City.


"Eartha is an extended dream with a fixed moral compass, a story about the central and transformative power of believing in humanity, even when — especially when — it lets you down." — NPR Books

"Malkasian creates beautiful and strange pictures." — Paste

"Allegories are thick as fog in this gloriously imagined fantastical fable from Malkasian." — Publishers Weekly

"What works is the world Malkasian has created here: soft, swooping vistas seen from a variety of perspectives and frames as rich as the diverse and eccentric cast of characters, and epitomising the message of the small and local and true being truly the biggest things." — Broken Frontier

"Eartha is a fun journey, where the character development jumps out at you and the maze of interloping storylines leaves the reader grasping for more." — Graphic Policy


11.9" × 10"