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Roger Hill, Grant Geissman

EC Fan-Addict Fanzine No. 5

On sale date: November 7, 2023

Fasten your drool cups! Editor Roger Hill and associate editor Grant Geissman have teamed up to create the biggest and best issue of the EC Fan-Addict Fanzine yet!

This profusely illustrated, 112-page, full-color issue is absolutely chock full of EC lore and rare artwork by EC artists! Front and back covers by Jack Davis. Featuring Frazetta’s original hand-colored silverprint of his legendary Weird Science-Fantasy 29 cover, an unpublished interview with EC Picto-Fiction cover artist/pulp fiction illustrator Rudy Nappi, a 1978 visit to Gaines’s legendary EC art vault, a feature on EC’s Leroy lettering team Jim and Margaret Wroten, EC Artist Christmas Cards, Jack Davis and Playboy, a feature on the Davis-illustrated Dracula’s Greatest Hits album, an exhaustive listing of all the various versions of EC’s Picture Stories from the Bible series, articles on the creation of—and history behind—the seminal 1960s EC fanzines Squa Tront and Spa Fon, and much more. This issue is absolutely essential reading for all EC Fan-Addicts!

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Paperback / Softback
Full color.
8.6" × 11.1"