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Henry McCausland

Eight Lane Runaways

On sale date: July 7, 2020

This delightfully inventive graphic novel debut follows an eclectic group of runners searching for their place in the world.

Right from the starting block, you'll realize that Eight-Lane Runaways is not like any graphic novel you've read before. As you're thrown into a fantastical world of endless tracks, you meet a team of young people briskly attempting to complete their calling, whether it be finding their lost cats, earning one last self-made merit badge, or flying a kite to the moon. Henry McCausland combines elaborate landscapes, line work imbued with thrilling kinetic energy, and a laugh-out-loud idiosyncratic sense of humor to this playful adventure — which can be read both as a fever pitch surrealistic take on the Olympic Games and a touching allegory on what it takes to help one another achieve our goals.


"Fantastically ambitious, funny, and delightfully weird." — Library Journal (starred review)

"A gentle, technically gifted work of character-driven surrealism atmospherically resembling Where's Waldo crossed with Chris Ware and Winsor McCay in its bird's-eye perspective and precision." — Publishers Weekly

"Joyful and triumphant, this repository of constant distraction is an oversized delight." — Slings & Arrows


8.6" × 11.9"