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Anne Simon, Translator: Jenna Allen

Empress Cixtisis

On sale date: August 6, 2019

A feminist fantasy graphic novel inspired by the true story of the Empress Dowager Cixi of China.

Under the reign of Queen Aglaia, the people of Suffragette City have lived in peace and harmony. But all is thrown into chaos when the Empress Cixtisis, ruler of neighboring Chinchinia, kidnaps all of the men of Agalaia's queendom in order to castrate and enslave them. Can Aglaia outwit the Empress and bring back her men before it's too late? Cartoonist Anne Simon's eagerly anticipated sequel to The Song of Aglaia is another brilliant work of allegorical fantasty with a feminist spin, told with a singular verbal and visual wit.


"Simon's fierce, dangerous The Song of Aglaia was one of the finest and subtlest works of 2018. How nice it is to see her expanding that universe of weird critters in this new book, based on the reign of the Chinese empress Cixi." — Paste

"A sharp, fully-realized feminist parable. [Simon's work is] never anything less than a pure joy to read." — Four Color Apocalypse

"A surprisingly fun feminist satire." — B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog

"This humorous and dramatic narrative never takes the tongue from its cheek. Whimsical character designs and delicate, cross-hatched art with warm coloring conveys the settings and high emotions." — Publishers Weekly


6.9" × 9"