The cover to Evita: The Life and Power of Eva Peron by Hector German Osterheld, Alberto Breccia, and Enrique Breccia, with the title and names in white. Below the title is an illustration of Eva Person at a microphone, smiling, with her hands out as if she is emphasizing a point.
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Héctor Germán Oesterheld, Alberto Breccia, Enrique Breccia, Translator: Erica Mena

Evita: The Life and Work of Eva Perón

On sale date: March 14, 2023

In a sequel to their spellbinding, experimental graphic biography of Che Guevara, Hector Germán Oesterheld and the Breccias chronicle the eventful life of Eva Perón.

In 1952, the death of Evita, "The Spiritual Leader of the Nation," at the age of 33, devastated the Argentine people — children, the poor, and women— that she had tirelessly advocated for as the First Lady. She has since become an international icon, inspiring many works such as Andrew Lloyd Webber's and Tim Rice's 1976 Broadway musical, Evita.

Published in 1970, writer Hector Germán Oesterheld and the father and son illustration team of Alberto and Enrique Breccia intended Evita: The Life and Work of Eva Perón to be the follow-up to the successful and controversial 1969 graphic biography Life of Che. But the script was taken away from him and depoliticized by another writer. In 2002, a restored, revised, and updated version of Evita, featuring Oesterheld's original script, which takes a uniquely symbolic approach to her life and career, was finally published in Argentina. Here, it is in English for the first time.

Evita: The Life and Work of Eva Perón is part of the The Alberto Breccia Library series.


"The stark black-and-white is crisp with powerful expressionist flourishes. It's both a time capsule and a rousing paean to Evita's socialist endeavors. " — Publishers Weekly


8.8" × 11.9"