Farmer Ned's Comics Barn
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Gerald Jablonski

Farmer Ned's Comics Barn

On sale date: February 7, 2017

A collection of Gerald Jabolonski’s psychedelically underground, absurdly avant-garde comics.

Finally, what the world has been waiting for — a big, oversized collection of Gerald Jablonski’s psychedelically underground, absurdly avant-garde comics! Jablonski has been comics’ best-kept secret for decades, telling the tales of imposter ants, bear-faced grumps, and stoic farmers with pun-laden word balloons that wildly snake around the page. This book also includes a discussion with Gary Groth, the artist’s first interview in print. Jablonski belongs in the ingeniously baffling auteur pantheon with John Cage, James Joyce, and Andy Warhol. Yes, you read that right.

Farmer Ned's Comics Barn is part of the Fantagraphics Underground imprint.
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"Uncompromising, weird, enjoyable and tedious in equal turn, Jablonski's work is a blaring affirmation of what bizarre boundaries comics can push." — Paste

"They are incredibly transfixing, often hugely funny comics." — The Comics Journal

"Jablonski's dizzying page layouts are overloaded with witty dialogue balloons that simultaneously let you in on the gag and poke fun at the human condition." — Broken Frontier

"One of the most unique and peculiar voices ever to make comics (and that's saying something). ... Beyond the sheer strangeness of the material, Jablonski's comics have a transfixing charm." — The Smart Set


Paperback / Softback
9.6" × 13.6"