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Josh Simmons

Flayed Corpse and Other Stories

On sale date: March 27, 2018

Brutal, deeply unsettling, and often hilarious stories from a master of modern horror comics.

Flayed Corpse and Other Stories contains more than two dozen of examples of Simmons's deft voice and vision. The individual stories in Flayed Corpse stand on their own as minimasterpieces of skin-crawling terror, but collectively complement each other in a way that only heightens the anxiety and dread pouring from page to page. Flayed Corpse also collects several collaborations between Simmons and other cartoonists, including James Romberger, Anders Nilsen, Tara Booth, Eroyn Franklin, Tom Van Deusen, and Eric Reynolds, amongst others.


"Like Jorge Luis Borges or David Lynch, Simmons recognizes horror in the unexplained and inexplicable, inviting readers to see significance in even the most irrational or repulsive material." — Publishers Weekly

"Uncompromisingly brutal, horrible, thought-provoking and hilarious, Flayed Corpse is a thoroughly satisfying collection, a perfect showcase for alt/horror comics' most visionary and uncompromising creator." — The Comics Journal


Black and white with some color
8.3" × 10.3"