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Frank Stack

Foolbert Funnies: Histories and Other Fictions

On sale date: January 4, 2015

This book collects the "best of" Frank Stack, who was one of the first underground cartoonists, and the artist behind Harvey Pekar’s award-winning graphic novel My Cancer Year.

“Cult” cartoonist Frank Stack is best known as the artist behind Harvey Pekar’s award-winning graphic novel, My Cancer Year (his art was featured in the American Splendor film), and as the creator of the first underground comic book, The Adventures of Jesus. Foolbert Funnies collects comics—inspired by Stack’s pop culture-filled childhood and travails as a fine arts professor—that ran in National Lampoon and other publications. (For decades, Stack’s work was published under the pseudonym “Foolbert Sturgeon” to protect his career.) In Foolbert Funnies, you will find adventuress Dirty Diana; nostalgic time traveler Frank Crankcase; commonsensical Dr. Feelgood; politician Paddy Booshwah; “Southern Fried Homicide”; and a host of Amazons, artists, and pulp heroes, all depicted in Stack’s scratchy, hatchy “crowquill” style. This “best of the rest” is a tribute to a Texan who’s been quietly creating observational, iconoclastic art for more than forty years.


“As funny as ever… This is fun stuff to look at, and the more readers know about historic art, the more fun it will be.” — Booklist

“This lifetime collection includes ribald biographical sketches of Shakespeare, time-traveling tales of Frank Crankcase and others (including God), representing a 50-year-deep treasure trove of amazing material from one of the best writers and draftsmen in the field.” — Richard Pachter - Miami Herald

“Foolbert Funnies is a definitive collection of comic art by one of the quirkiest and most intriguing artists to emerge from undergrounds.” — Jason Sacks - Comics Bulletin


Paperback / Softback
Black and white
7.8" × 10.1"