The cover to Future by Tommi Musturi. In bright, vivid colors, a figure sits crouched on skull, sipping a soda through a straw. The soda bottle features the title and artist's name. THe figure has long hair that seems to start midway back on their head. They have full red lips and hands with long, clawed fingernails. A drop of liquid falls from one corner of their mouth.
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Tommi Musturi


On sale date: August 6, 2024

A graphic, genre-mashing magnum opus from one of the most restlessly creative voices in comics.

Tommi Musturi's Future traps the reader into a web of stories happening in different timespaces, providing perspectives on the possible futures of mankind through imaginary future worlds, current events, historical references, utopias, and ideals. Future is a mash-up of the familiar and the terribly alien: quotidian existence, sci-fi spectacle, utopian fantasy, AI dystopia, and other worst-case scenarios. Richly philosophical and allegorical, Musturi gives us alcoholic magicians, guerrilla art squads, mutant reality television hosts, and incel archaeologist-astronauts, among many others.

Weaving between a variety of styles in illustration and narration that transform and reflect our constantly changing reality, Future is an impassioned graphic novel for our times that renews the medium of comics – a vital and multifaceted work of art. Known as a stylistic chameleon who often deals with existential themes that twirl around the ideal of "freedom," Musturi has crafted his masterpiece, an attention-grabbing, bravura showcase of a rich visual imagination with a deeply moral center.


"Musturi's striking aesthetic keeps you just off balance and always at attention. The experience is as unexpected as it is stimulating." — The A.V. Club

"Future mostly examines immiseration of the consumer class under capitalism, as projected through the lens of fantasy and science fiction. Musturi pulls no punches in showing how the modern condition alienates us from each other, how it destroys our creativity, how it changes our nature, and how it will spur our demise." — The Comics Journal


Paperback / Softback
8.4" × 11.7"