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Jordan Crane

Goes Like This

On sale date: January 14, 2025

Collecting all of acclaimed cartoonist Jordan Crane’s short stories (from self-published zines and anthologies such as Now and Uptight) and more for the first time, in a gorgeously designed package.

For almost three decades, Jordan Crane has put together a body of short stories that garnered him multiple Eisner and Ignatz Award nominations, via the pages of his comic book series Uptight and the influential comics anthology, Non. Yet they have never been collected until now.

Featuring over a dozen short stories (spanning multiple genres) published over the past 25 years, Goes Like This is a gorgeously packaged anthology (including varying paper stocks and exposed spine) from master cartoonist Jordan Crane. “The Hand of God” is a short but grim Weird Western, a morality play in which an accidental crime leads a criminal to a maximum, supernatural sanction. “Below the Shade of Night" presents an anxiety that is rooted in the follies and ignorance of childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. “Vicissitude” maps uncharted territory of graphic melancholia via a tale of infidelity. “Trash Night" depicts the troubled relationship of Dee and Leo, with mounting tension and mistrust that reaches a boiling point. In “The Dark Nothing,” a rare foray into science fiction, the three-person crew of prospecting ship Sagasu 17 have arrived at their intended asteroid to find that most of it is missing and has an unexpectedly large gravity. As they attempt to harvest it, things go horribly awry. “The Middle Nowhere” begins with a man waiting in a small shack. All around him is a black sand desert. The wind rises, the rain comes, and it just might be the end of everything he’s known. Goes Like This is rounded out with several other brilliant pieces, including “Now is a New Now,” “One Day,” “Wake Up,” and “Before They Got Better,” as well as other prints and drawings from the author’s archives.


Paperback / Softback
Full-color and black-and-white.
8.25" × 11.5"