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Good Night, Hem

On sale date: September 21, 2021

Three interconnecting short stories starring Ernest Hemingway comprise the latest graphic novel by the beloved Norwegian cartoonist, Jason.

Ernest Hemingway stars in three interconnecting short stories in this graphic novel.

Paris, 1925. Our story begins when Hemingway meets Athos, the last Musketeer, who, together with several more friends of Hemingway, travel to Spain's Pamplona for the fiesta. Festivities and complications ensue.

Paris, 1944. The second story starts the day after the liberation of Paris when Hemingway, now a war correspondent, decides enough is enough, and takes action to end the war for good. With a group of adventurers and resistance fighters, he parachutes into Germany to do just that.

Cuba, late 1950s. Our literary lion is in his twilight years, writing his memoirs, remembering his first and second meeting with the seemingly immortal Athos.

Mixing fact and fiction, Jason has imaginatively recreated one of America's greatest and most controversial writers of the 20th century.


"Jason delivers an at times whimsical but overwhelmingly melancholic portrait, revealing reverence and sympathy for Hemingway without ignoring the author's shortcomings. One of the best releases of 2021." — Library Journal (starred review)

"In his pared-down style, Jason tells three interconnected stories about Ernest Hemingway at various moments in his dramatic life, covering his favorite haunts: Pamplona, Paris and Cuba." — Gal Beckerman - The New York Times

"Jason continues to be one of the best cartoonists working anywhere." — Publishers Weekly

"Mixing fact and fiction, no other artist has had as much fun or provided as much insight into the Hemingway mythos as Jason." — Robert K. Elder, Hemingway in Comics

"Unlike traditional literature, comix, and particularly Jason's simple style, allow the reader to fully move into the space provided. Slowly, but altogether too fast, you look back and see an entire book, and an entire life, has gone past." — Time Magazine


Full color
6.7" × 8.8"