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The cover to Happy Hour in America #1. The old-school style cover features a top section reading, "Exciting new stories exploring the "great American mythological drama." As well as the title. "No 1" is superimposed over an image of a man in a spacesuit. The second section features art of a Black man being shot, a horse-drawn carriage, and several musicians. At the bottom, text reads, "Featuring selections from the collected works of Kid McQueen.
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Tim Lane

Happy Hour in America #1

On sale date: November 22, 2017

Happy Hour in America is cartoonist Tim Lane's one-man, self-published anthology consisting of new short stories, selected material from three new books in progress, and other experimental work. Drawing from the Golden Age era of comics history, Lane explores varying angles of "The Great American Mythological Drama," including the story of legendary actor Steve McQueen.


Black and white.
7.3" × 10.7"