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Gilbert Hernandez

High Soft Lisp

On sale date: April 20, 2010

From the pages of Love and Rockets, the life of one of comics' most seductive heroine.

"Five six. Hundred twenty-eight pounds. Forty-three twenty-two thirty-six. High soft lisp. Genius level I.Q." That's how motivational speaker Mark Herrera sums up Rosalba "Fritz" Martinez, bombshell, former punkette, former psychiatrist, "Z" movie star — in this supremely sexy, constantly surprising graphic novel.

And Herrera should know, being only one of many to fall under Fritz's "lithping" spell—others including slobbish rocker Scott "The Hog" and high school nerd turned obsessive bodybuilder Enrique Escobar (and that's just her husbands).

Hernandez has taken this suite of stories (including the 48-page graphic novelette "High Soft Lisp"), originally serialized in the second volume of Love and Rockets, and fleshed them out with a dozen brand new pages, creating an original and inventive (and very steamy) volume that, through its connections to his main character Luba (Fritz is Luba's half sister, and characters from the Luba stories pop up here), works both as a standalone graphic novel and a further exploration of Hernandez's rich world.

High Soft Lisp is part of the Love and Rockets series.
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"This book is incredible... The world in this book is one I wouldn't want to live in but I can't stop thinking about the story of Fritz." — Nick Gazin - Vice

"Hernandez treads familiar turf to produce work of undeniable power." — Entertainment Weekly

"High Soft Lisp has its share of tender moments and tragic ones, although it's relatively buoyant with humor throughout. ... This is the stuff of soap operas, minus the melodrama. Lisp comes loaded with palpable emotions and heaps of honesty, even amid a cartoony backdrop." — Rod Lott - Bookgasm

"Ultimately, ...despite the refreshing sexual frankness that Hernandez proceeds with, there is much sadness and heartbreak throughout. ...[O]ne wonders if the lingering bittersweetness at the end makes more sense in middle age, than it would in youth... Good stuff, of course." — Mark London Williams - The SF Site: Nexus Graphica

"High Soft Lisp is brief, razor-sharp and ferocious, a black-hole-black Almodovaresque comedy about a self-destructive, sexually obsessive actress/psychiatrist and her ex-husband, an over-the-hill motivational speaker." — Douglas Wolk - TIME/Techland


Paperback / Softback
Black and white
6.6" × 9.8"