Highbone Theater
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Joe Daly

Highbone Theater

On sale date: June 7, 2016

Existential stoners go on a suspenseful quest in this ambitious graphic novel from the South African cartoonist.

In Joe Daly's most ambitious stand-alone graphic novel, Palmer — wallflower, mystic seeker and paper mill worker — moves into a new apartment with his outwardly self-assured and womanizing friend. Events take a peculiar turn as Palmer befriends an iconoclastic co-worker, Billy Boy, and plunges head-long into the mysterious and sinister world of sorcery, psychological operations, subterranean organizations and wild-goose chases.


“I wish we could all live in a headspace carved out by comics like this one as opposed to spending time puzzling over our feelings for even the most clever and enduring corporate products. Joe Daly is a treasure.” — Comics Reporter

“Alternating between bold black-and-white panels and brilliant full-color sequences, Daly deftly navigates between the mundane and the madcap, as Palmer struggles through noisy roommates, ineffectual romance, 9/11 conspiracies, and hallucinogenic adventures. Readers familiar with Daly’s earlier Dungeon Quest series will recognize his unique blend of K-Mart realism with the fantastic. In its more bizarre episodes, this is an exhilarating tale of high adventure. In its more meditative moments, it brims with humor and melancholy.” — Publishers Weekly

“A 572-page epic odyssey into chaos and sinister mystery that begins with two friends deciding to share an apartment.” — The Kind


Black and white
6.7" × 7.9"