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Ed Piskor

Hip Hop Family Tree Book 3: 1983-1984

On sale date: August 8, 2015

The third volume of the popular webcomic tells the true story of hip-hoppers The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, The Fat Boys, and many more.

Ed Piskor's acclaimed graphic novel series continues! Book 3 highlights Run DMC's rise to fame and introduces unassailable acts like Whodini, The Fat Boys, Slick Rick, and Doug E Fresh. The Beastie Boys become a rap group. Rick Rubin meets Russell Simmons to form Def Jam. The famous TV pilot to the dance show Graffiti Rock and the documentaries Style Wars and Breakin' and Enterin' are all highlighted in this comprehensive volume spanning 1983-1984. Ed Piskor continues to deliver the goods in this comprehensive history of hip hop.

Hip Hop Family Tree Book 3: 1983-1984 is part of the Hip Hop Family Tree series.


"The third gathering of Piskor's smash webcomic... affords as much amusement and well-researched history as its two predecessors. ... Piskor's art style, somewhere between Jack Kirby and R. Crumb, looks as good as, maybe better than, ever." — Ray Olson - Booklist

"Hip Hop Family Tree… [is] …an exhaustive, lovingly-rendered portrayal of the movement's explosive early moments." — Nathan Reese - Complex

"Marvel at hip-hop greatness." — Andres Tardio - MTV News

"Richly detailed and thoroughly researched." — Abel Charrow - Nerdist

"Ed Piskor's stylish, funny, assiduously researched history of hip-hop is hugely engaging and enlightening." — Glen Weldon - NPR


Paperback / Softback
9.2" × 13.3"