How I Tried to Be a Good Person
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Ulli Lust, Translator: Nika Knight

How I Tried to Be a Good Person

On sale date: July 16, 2019

This graphic memoir is about obsession, gender conflict, and self-liberation, told with an honesty few cartoonists are capable of.

Lust's follow-up to her first internationally lauded graphic memoir, How I Tried to Be a Good Person, picks up directly where its predecessor left off. Revealing and powerful, Lust recounts her life as a young, enthusiastic anarchist making her way in Vienna in the 1990s - and of her love for two men: the "perfect companion" Georg, an actor twenty years her elder, and the "perfect lover," Kimata, a Nigerian man-about-town. As her relationships with the two men evolve, jealousy increasingly mounts and leads to emotional and violent outbreaks that threaten her life.

Copies of How I Tried to Be a Good Person signed by the cartoonist are available while supplies last!


“An intimate and imaginative follow-up graphic memoir to Lust's Ignatz award–winning punk travelogue.” — Publishers Weekly

“Lust’s energetic, searching book ... reveals the power of desire — and the pain when jealousy rears its head.” — The Guardian

“Lust’s bluntly honest account grants us a look at a courageous but alarming life.” — Booklist

“A wonderful testament to the power of auto-bio graphic memoir.” — Comics Grinder

“Lust’s examination of a pivotal and formative period of her life leaves no stone unturned and stands out for its absolute emotional honesty. Brave, confident, and visually literate in the extreme, How I Tried establishes its author as a true master of the medium.” — Four Color Apocalypse


Paperback / Softback
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