The cover to How to Make a Monster by Casanova Frankenstein and Glenn Pearce, featuring the title and creator names on cut-out sheets of paper. Behind the text is a scribbly, dark image of a young boy styled like Frankenstein's monster with a stapled gash over his forehead and bolts sticking out of his neck.
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Casanova Frankenstein, Glenn Pearce

How to Make a Monster: Ugly Memories of Chicago from a South Side Escapee

On sale date: August 2, 2022

How to Make a Monster is Casanova Frankenstein's unflinching memoir of growing up as a Black INTJ 13-year-old in 1980.

Conveyed as a bleak first-person narrative with darkly humorous overtones, Casanova Frankenstein reveals how real life experience shaped his hard-bitten, survivalist view of life. His was a world of fear and isolation punctuated by bullying thugs, the stifling atmosphere of the Lutheran school on the South Side of Chicago, racial segregation, unapproachable girls, and a home life consisting of an emotionally distant and unsupportive mother and an violent, alcoholic cop father who was not above giving his son a good thrashing now and again while preaching Christian family values. It is a searing portrait of an unbearably painful upbringing.

How to Make a Monster is illustrated by Australian outsider artist Glenn Pearce in a rare creative symbiosis in which Pearce captures Frankenstein's inner turmoil using a variety of stunningly realized artistic approaches from naturalistic portraiture to outrageously inventive phantasmagoric imagery. A seamlessly contrapuntal balancing act between Frankenstein's raw, unadorned writing and Pearce's stunningly detailed drawing.


Paperback / Softback
8" × 10"