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I, Rene Tardi, Prisoner of War at Stalag IIB Vol. 3 cover image
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Tardi, Translator: Jenna Allen

I, Rene Tardi, Prisoner of War at Stalag IIB Vol. 3: After the War

On sale date: November 17, 2020

In the final volume of this intergenerational memoir, a powerful tribute to a lost generation of WWII POWs, the author's father comes home.

In the third and final volume of Stalag IIB, René Tardi has come home. But after five agonizing years as a prisoner of war, he is a changed man. Like millions of other French soldiers, René struggles to adjust to civilian life and imagine his postwar future. Upon re-enlisting in the army he despises, René receives new orders: return to Germany and help rebuild the country that imprisoned him. There, the story shifts from father to son, as young Jacques must bear the strange burden of growing up in the land of his father's enemy. A solitary child, he takes refuge in drawing, kickstarting a lifelong passion for cartooning. This volume brings to a close a fitting tribute to the artist's father and the lost generation of French POWs — the triumphant culmination of Jacques Tardi as a master of the form.


"This intensely personal work is one of Tardi's best and most accessible—uncompromising in its portrayal of war yet relatable as a story of a son trying to understand his father." — Publishers Weekly

"Stalag IIB presents a grim, lumpy, black-and-white world (with extremely rare bolts of color, such as a blood-red Nazi flag) through which characters grump, slog, and die. ... This patient, bleak, text-heavy work pulses like a dying heartbeat." — Booklist

"Certain to be as highly regarded as the author's earlier work, I, Rene Tardi will be of great interest to teens, adults, and educators. Highly recommended." — Library Journal


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