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Tardi, Translator: Jenna Allen

I, Rene Tardi, Prisoner Of War In Stalag IIB Vol. 1

On sale date: July 31, 2018

The first volume of a true war trilogy by one of the greatest contemporary cartoonists.

Captured by the Germans and sent to a POW camp where he spends the rest of the war, René Tardi lives a harrowing day-to-day existence. He recalls in vivid detail roll calls in sub-zero temperatures, senseless executions—and especially the gnawing hunger. And yet, in the face of daily brutality, he perseveres, thinking of his wife Henriette, awaiting his return home to France.

Both an homage to his father and a testament to the silent suffering of a generation of men scarred by war, Jacques Tardi's Stalag IIB is a personal and artistic triumph.


"This intensely personal work is one of Tardi's best and most accessible — uncompromising in its portrayal of war yet relatable as a story of a son trying to understand his father." — Publishers Weekly

"Stalag IIB presents a grim, lumpy, black-and-white world (with extremely rare bolts of color, such as a blood-red Nazi flag) through which characters grump, slog, and die. ... This patient, bleak, text-heavy work pulses like a dying heartbeat." — Booklist

"Certain to be as highly regarded as the author's earlier work, I, Rene Tardi will be of great interest to teens, adults, and educators. Highly recommended." — Library Journal


9.6" × 12.8"