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The front page of Thee Infinite Cuck, featuring headlines like, "Are you their #1 Target? Most likely so yes; terror designation forthcoming; warn the elderly if you even care," and "Enough is enough is enough," and "Fentanyl tablets found in your child's breakfast cereal and they are okay with this."
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Joshua W. Cotter

infinite ©uck (Tabloid Newspaper Version)

On sale date: October 8, 2022

Joshua W. Cotter journeys to the heart of a 100% fictitious US of A to take a look at what’s making it tick, and along the way asks ‘Hey, does that ticking sound authoritarian to anyone else?’

Early in 2022, cartoonist Joshua W. Cotter hit a personal wall. While the rest of the world seemed to quickly be moving on from both an attempted fascist coup in the capital city of his home country and a deadly, ongoing pandemic, he couldn’t process the outright rejection of reality others seemed to be resorting to to get through the day. Rather than give in to an overwhelming sense of hopelessness, Joshua took the lemons, picked up his pencil and sketchbook and made lemonade. Like he did with that book Driven by Lemons.

Written and drawn panel by panel, day by day from 04/08/22-10/08/22, Cotter exorcised the lemons and wound up with infinite ©uck. Is it your kind of lemonade? "It’s not for me to say, really. But I am pleased with how it turned out. Thank you for asking me," he says.

<[>While he still can’t fully wrap his brain around what’s happening out there, making the comic did help Joshua come closer to understanding the detrimental nature of the alternate, absurdist reality so many of our fellow friends, neighbors and family members have chosen to occupy. Maybe it could do the same for you? We don’t know! Only one way to find out. The comics deal of the year!


Black and white.
11" × 17"