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Josh Simmons

Jessica Farm Book 2

On sale date: April 19, 2016

In the second volume of critically acclaimed cartoonist Josh Simmons’s lifelong page-a-month series, Jessica encounters a room whose physics you can alter with your mind and much more.

Jessica Farm fuses serialized adventure, fantasy and psychological horror and stamps it with Josh Simmon’s signature macabre sensibility. In Book 2, our heroes come upon the Groovy Room, where the atmosphere is different and if you configure your mind just right, you can hover in the air. Jessica Farm is an ambitious experiment in worldbuilding as conceived by Simmons. This book is the first volume of a life-spanning comics project in which he drew one page every month for the past 16 years, starting in January 2000—and will continue this project for 50 years in total, releasing 96-page increments every 8 years until he amasses a 600-page body of work.


"I like a great deal of Josh Simmon's work and those rare things I don't like I admire. You can make a very strong argument that without becoming a superstar Simmons was the alt-cartoonist of the aughts: idiosyncratic, grotesque, and adept at wince-level physical violence and comedy – all in service of a worldview so brutally cold that aimed in the right direction it could shut down the sun. In the horror show that was world politics for most of that decade, Simmons was the reassuring hand in the dark that took yours into his and then shoved it into something sharp and wet." — Comics Reporter

"The sort of book you read very fast for the story, then again right away to slow down and savour the images. As ever, the interiors in particular captivate, darkly hatched and full of mysterious shadows." — Quietus


Paperback / Softback
Black and white
6.6" × 8.5"