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On sale date: September 7, 2014

Collects Jim Woodring’s non-Frank comics work; stars “Jim.”

Frank is, as everyone knows, Jim Woodring’s best-selling cartoon character. Jim, on the other hand, is Woodring’s cartoon alter ego, the fictional doppelganger who has for 30 years inhabited Woodring’s alternate universe where shifting, phantasmagoric landscapes, abrupt, hallucinatory visual revelations, and unexpected eruptions of uninhibited verbal self-flagellation are commonplace. Jim is a mind-bending collection of all of Woodring’s best non-Frank creative work — comics stories, prose stories, drawings, and paintings, with a new introduction and afterword by the man himself. Abounding in metaphors if you choose to see them and naked self-disclosure if you don’t, this volume of comics, prose, and images — collected here for the first time — is a bounty of Woodring’s inspired artistry.


“Woodring’s great talent, apart from his beautiful artwork, is his ability to make these absurd and almost nonsensical stories enthralling.” — Mark Frauenfelder - Boing Boing

“What these stories... share with the Frank-related comics is Woodring's lush but expressively cartoonish drawing style... Woodring's Frank comics subtly burrow their way into your subconscious, but the Jim stories work a similar magic in an only slightly more straightforward and accessible fashion.” — Gordon Flagg - Booklist

“Cartoonist and artist Jim Woodring is one of the most important cartoonists of his generation.” — Arun Rath - NPR

“What’s so delightful and revealing… is just how fully realized Woodring’s work appears in these early zines. … For anyone who enjoys Woodring’s work, this collection is well worth buying.” — Publishers Weekly

“...[H]ighly personal, idiosyncratic, and surreal in equal measure, Woodring’s comics could not have been produced by anyone else at any time in the medium’s history.” — Tim O'Neil - The A.V. Club


Black and white with some color
8.8" × 11.3"