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Jimmy! The Comic Art of James Swinnerton cover image
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Peter Maresca, Michael Tisserand, Paul C Tumey, Eddie Campbell

Jimmy! The Comic Art of James Swinnerton

On sale date: November 5, 2024

The definitive collection of comics and illustration from 1892 to 1942 by James Swinnerton, one of the founding fathers of the American comic strip.

James Swinnerton is one of the most creative, respected and prolific comic artists from the first half of the 20th century. Yet to the disappointment of classic comics lovers, his work has seen little reproduction. Until now. This sumptuous volume covers Swinnerton’s six-decade career in comics, from his beginnings as a sports/editorial cartoonist for William Randolph Hearst in San Francisco to his years in the America’s Southwest desert, where his love for the land and its people came through in his comics and illustration.
Swinnerton is an excellent storyteller offering a cinematic style with humor that is both slapstick and sophisticated. At the forefront is his long-running Little Jimmy comic strip.

This namesake character began by mixing satire of New York society with stories of rural America. He then took the characters on the road to South America, Mexico, and then settling for many years in Swinnerton’s beloved Southwest. Also included in this book are his early one-shots and series like the rakish Mr. Jack and the anthropomorphic Mt. Ararat, and his 1940s stylized comic of the modern West, Rocky Mason.

Swinnerton was famous for more than just comics. He wrote and illustrated the charming feature “The Canyon Kiddies” and similar titles for weekly magazines. In his later years he became known as a premier painter of desert landscapes. All of these are featured in this book.

Jimmy! includes an illustrated biography and essays by co-editor Michael Tisserand and Eddie Campbell. The comic strips in this volume are carefully restored to their original colors and printed at near-full size. Swinnerton lovers will be delighted by the richness and variety of the works seen here. Those new to this uniquely American artist will likely join the growing numbers who appreciate his important role in the history of the comics.


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