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Graham Chaffee

Light It, Shoot It!

On sale date: March 26, 2024

Graham Chaffee's first graphic novel in seven years, Light It, Shoot It! is a classic tale of noir below the spotlight.

Fresh out of prison for an arson conviction, clueless 20-year old Billy Bonney finds himself drifting through the seedy and unsavory world of cut-rate moviemaking, even more out of place amongst his peers than he felt as a teen six years earlier when he got busted. Following his brother to the sets of grade B and exploitation 1970s Hollywood seems like a path of least resistance, until he accidentally lands a job as a handler to a has-been actor. But the bright lights burn harsher and show more than he anticipated as he steps lucklessly into a gangster-driven plot to burn down a studio for the insurance money, and finds himself in over his head. Drunken, washed-up stars. Scrambling, past-their-own-prime producers. Teenage girls on the make, slick hustlers, and violent fixers. Drawn in bold brushstrokes, and hand-painted in subtle washes, Chaffee brings vintage LA to the page in a propulsive adventure.


"Chaffee seamlessly depicts haggard, world-weary figures and heavy black ink shadows against stark whites, and his storytelling has a sinewy strength. It's a first-rate drama." — Publishers Weekly


Paperback / Softback
7.8" × 10.2"