The cover to Listen, Beautiful Marcia by Marcello Quintanilna featuring the title and author's name in yellow against an illustrated background. The background features a large woman with blue hair and a bright pink shirt reading "Massachusetts." She carries a brown purse and wears pink shorts and flip-flops. She stands against a backdrop of telephone lines and what appears to be a city neighborhood.
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Marcello Quintanilha, Translator: Andrea Rosenberg

Listen, Beautiful Márcia

On sale date: May 30, 2023

Listen, Beautiful Márcia is a gripping story about a family pushed to the brink. This English language debut was the 2022 "Fauve d'Or" winner at the 2022 Angouleme Comics Festival.

Márcia is a nurse in a hospital near Rio and lives in a favela with her boyfriend, Aluisio, and her daughter, Jaqueline, whom she had very young with another man. Jaqueline, a troubled young adult, makes life difficult for her mother and Aluisio and rebelliously hangs out with members of a neighborhood gang, leading to violent altercations between mother and daughter. The situation degenerates even more when Jaqueline is arrested. Márcia and Aluisio, distraught, realize that Jaqueline is in deeper trouble than they ever thought.

Listen, Beautiful Márciais a fast-paced, flamboyantly colorful new graphic novel by one of the most important Brazilian graphic novelists working today. Marcello Quintanilha's first English-language graphic novel is a tour de force — a tightly wound drama filled with masterful suspense and a deep love for family and character.


"Cinematic and saturated with color, Quintanilha's English-language debut, a character study of a mother trying to keep her family safe in a Brazilian favela, vibrates with emotion. The scenes throb with violence and heartache, but those closest to Márcia ultimately see her kindness, which also permeates every page. It's a gorgeous tumult." — Publishers Weekly

"Listen, Beautiful Márcia broadly qualifies as crime drama, yet it's the prevailing sense of humanity that pushes it beyond, Márcia's personality proving stronger than mere genre classification." — Slings & Arrows

"A very beautiful portrait of a mother's courage." — Rolling Stone

"A virtuoso of storytelling in images, Quantanilha admirably portrays ordinary individuals caught in situations that are not ordinary." — Telerama

"We laugh, we cry when reading this amazing graphic object, illuminated with carnivalesque colors that accentuate the gap between comedy and tragedy." — Le Monde


9.6" × 12.3"