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Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez

Love and Rockets: New Stories No. 7

On sale date: February 22, 2015

In this seminal graphic novel series' latest installment, Maggie and Hopey finally go on a road trip, and there's more B movie fun with Fritz and Killer.

The seventh annual volume of Love and Rockets: New Stories, the most important and enduring alternative comics series in the history of the medium, finds Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez writing and drawing at the top of their game. In Jaime's stories, Maggie and Hopey take a much-needed break from their humdrum domestic lives and go on a road trip to visit a "sick friend." And, when the cat's away, Ray visits some old, sick friends of his own. Plus Tonta's nutty family! Gilbert offers a suite of stories, including "The Magic Voyage of Aladdin," a sweeping epic of derring-do in which Morgan Le Fey (Fritz) teams up with Aladdin to stop the evil Circle from obtaining the magic lamp; "The Golem Suit," a WWII sci-fi thriller starring "Killer"; and "Daughters and Mothers and Daughters," in which flashbacks to Luba's mother Maria reveal how ugly secrets of the past affect their family today.

Love and Rockets: New Stories No. 7 is part of the Love and Rockets series.


"...Jaime reunites lifelong pals Maggie and Hopey for a road trip, and Gilbert returns briefly to the fictional Latin American village of Palomar and casts his sometimes-actress character Fritz in a goofy costume epic featuring Aladdin and a spaceship. The familiar cast members and the Hernandez brothers' respective graphic strengths — Jaime's economically elegant cartooning and Gilbert's bold designs and imaginative characterizations — will leave fans satisfied and eager for next year's installment." — Gordon Flagg - Booklist

"Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez have crafted one of the most salient, evocative modern romantic dramas in comics, if not any medium." — Sean Edgar - Paste

"The renowned Hernandez brothers continue this acclaimed series after more than three decades of fictional dramas and black comedies. ... The art, as always, is top-notch, black and white art rendering the characters as hugely expressive and lovable. (Starred Review)" — Publishers Weekly

"Another strong, strong, strong, strong, strong issue." — Tom Spurgeon - The Comics Reporter

"The latest Love & Rockets: New Stories is... comfortable and deeply pleasurable -- and often startling -- in the ways that master cartoonists Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez have done for over thirty years: the art is gorgeous, the storytelling clear and perfectly realized, the characters sketched acutely and smartly, with wonderful surprises and complex subtexts displaying themselves seemingly around every turn." — Jason Sacks - Comics Bulletin


Paperback / Softback
Black and white
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