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The cover to Macanudo: The Way of the Penguin, featuring a number of comic panels from Macanudo featuring Penguins looking at water, leaves, a sunset, and walking on a beach, in the snow, or away from a lighthouse.
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Macanudo: The Way of the Penguin

On sale date: December 3, 2024

The third collection of the English-language run of the internationally beloved newspaper strip. For lovers of Mutts, Krazy Kat and Calvin and Hobbes.

The strips in this volume run from early 2020 into 2021, and the touches of real life that Liniers always mixes amongst his whimsy, fantasy and child characters occasionally reflect the time – POV cartoons of the awkwardness of zoom calls, witches frustrated at Netflix lag on their crystal balls – but the spirit of imagination and love of nature only becomes more heightened in the majority of strips. Children reading to cats, penguins imagining the impossibility of alien life not including them, imaginary friends romping in the forest, horror-movie characters looking for friends… Liniers mixes his repertory cast with one-offs to express whatever happens to be on his mind that day.

Handsome, landscape-format hardcovers with debossed covers showcase Liniers’ beautiful, full-color cartooning in the way it deserves. The influence of Krazy Kat and Mutts extends beyond the tone, charm and humanity of the content to formal playfulness, and these books are the best way to appreciate the full range of the work.

Macanudo: The Way of the Penguin is part of the Macanudo series.


"Fans of Bill Watterson and Charles Schulz will immediately recognize a similar spirit of mischief, whimsy and philosophical inquiry in this internationally acclaimed comic strip that the Argentine cartoonist Liniers has been drawing since 2002. But unlike Calvin and Hobbes or Peanuts, Macanudo features a revolving cast of characters who inhabit their own distinct worlds. ... Daydreaming kids with an appreciation for quirk will find plenty to delight them and to ponder." — The New York Times


9.3" × 7.3"