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Ray Fenwick


On sale date: January 17, 2011

The second book from Ray Fenwick, author of 2008’s acclaimed Hall of Best Knowledge.

In Mascots, a collection of impressionistic stories combine to create a wildly absurd—yet vaguely familiar—parallel world. Like Fenwick’s previous work, the acclaimed Hall of Best Knowledge (one of Booklist’s “Top Ten Graphic Novels of 2008”), Mascots is driven by lettering and language, part art and part comics, this time taking the form of bright, full-color paintings on found book covers. These paintings can be experienced individually, each on their own terms, but together they reveal a surreal world that captures the mood of our times with manic energy.


"One of the leading progenitors of the hand scrawl, Ray Fenwick, is a designer and illustrator known for black-and-white samplers of wise and weird ‘ideas.’ These contemporary illuminated manuscripts are a new twist on the old art of lettering." — Steven Heller - The New York Times Book Review

"Fenwick somehow manages to combine baroque ornamentality with crafty handiwork. It’s almost like controlled outsider art. And he’s so unfailingly funny." — Marian Bantjes

"In addition to a neat bit of ventriloquism, Fenwick shows off dazzling visual originality in his eye-spinning use of pattern and lettering... The lettering melds with its environment as surely as letters in an illuminated manuscript blend with their angels and acanthus leaves." — Print


Full color.
5.4" × 7.8"